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By understanding and focusing on customers, we lead the field

Since its inception, FAB, with a strategy focused on the manufacturing industry and a culture of understanding to provide the values customers need, will accompany customers to lead its field.

In-depth, intelligent solution

Consulting, training, transfer

Giải pháp đầy đủ đáp ứng các nhu cầu hiện tại và tương lai

Complete solution to meet current and future needs

Nền tảng ổn định được sử dụng bởi 100,000+ doanh nghiệp

Stable platform used by 100,000+ businesses

Sáng tạo, thông minh  giúp giải quyết vấn đề nhanh, an toàn

Creativity and intelligence help solve problems quickly and safely

We recommend

Management methods using technology

Apply technology step by step to follow the synchronous development of the business from scale, core values to processes, people, and systems to create a roadmap for continuous and sustainable development.

Standardize the process

Standardize processes and information within the enterprise

Digitize decision making

Optimize management with electronic approval and administration

Increase experience

Increase experience for customers and suppliers

Automate core operations

Apply smart solutions to automate operations

Forecast analysis

From authenticated information to analysis and development forecasts

Introducing success lessons

Typical projects for areas where the system is applied

If you need a meeting

Save time and money with skilled and dedicated experts

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Customer Satisfaction

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